Monthly Archives: April 2018

  1. New Scunthorpe United stadium gets planning approval

    Approval for Scunthorpe United’s new 12,000-seater stadium has been granted planning permission.
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  2. Bouygues JV gets £90m London Garden Bridge Construction Contract

    The £90m construction contract to build Thomas Heatherwick’s £90m Garden Bridge over the River Thames is believed to have gone to a Bouygues’ joint venture bringing the contentious bridge one step closer to reality.
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  3. What is sound hazard on a construction site?

    Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and safety harnesses all provide the wearer with immediate protection from a hazard. If you've been protected from a falling brick for example you know it’s happened and you can thank your lucky stars you were wearing a hard hat (hopefully you won’t be seeing stars!). However the role of hearing protection is quite different because noise industry hearing loss (NIHL) is a process which has a cumulative effect over the course of many years.
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