Monthly Archives: May 2011

  1. It's A Numbers Game

    Those of you who keep a keen eye fixed on the construction industry may have noticed the recent ‘debate’ surrounding the economic figures for the sector provided by the Office for National Statistics. The reported 4.7% fall in the industry during the first three months of this year has angered many within the trade who believe the sector has fared a lot better than that.
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  2. Foundations for Success

    Where are you sat? Seriously. In your office? At home? Take a look around, what can you see?
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  3. Olympic Effort

    Early in 2008 the construction of the Olympic Site in East London appeared unwarranted. Even silly. Deep economic turmoil, political change and the talk of horrific budget deficits made spending £9bn on a sporting venue seem ridiculous. Fast forward three years and we now have a stadium that has been built on time, under budget and with an exemplary safety record.
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