Nitrile GlvoesIt may seem straight forward that if you've got a good grip on something you can hang onto it – but have you ever wondered what the implications are for not having good glove grip?

When choosing a glove one of the most important things you need to think about is how they grip the materials you and your team are working with. The better the grip, the more precision and control you've got over an activities. This can be really important on a construction site as gloves with the right kind of grip can help you reduce waste and increase productivity.

There are a number of different things you need to consider when thinking about the grip on your gloves; you need to think about dexterity, mobility, durability, comfort and flexibility. Making sure the glove is an appropriate protective aid for the situation you and your team will find themselves in should always be the first question.

Nitrile gloves tend to be the glove of choice for many environments, they’re replaced PVC gloves and leather gloves as they offer maximum dexterity whilst providing maximum protection again chemical substances.

Maxi Grip GlovesInterestingly the Nitrile grip doesn't just repel the oil or water it encounters, if it did this it would become slippery for the wearer when in an oily or wet environment, rather it absorbs some of the liquids it comes into contact with in order to maximise the ability to grip different surfaces when used in a liquid environment.

Embossed patterns on the palm or tips of the fingers create run offs for excessive oil and add to the gloves dexterity.
Of course there are different levels of coatings and coverings and you need to choose the right gloves for the construction environment you operate in. We tend to sell a lot of palm-coated sponge nitrile gloves to tradespeople and firms in the construction industry, because they offer the perfect combination of grip, dexterity and durability for most dry situations.

The grip of the gloves you use is essential. Technology has advanced a long way since the construction industry was dominated by people using leather rigger gloves and it’s important you choose the right glove with the right technology for the application to ensure you and your team are protected and can operate at peak efficiency.


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