This month saw the National House Council release their 2014 Q1 report which shows some really interesting results, demonstrating strong growth in the new housing market and how the construction sector is driving that growth.


33,816 new homes were registered in the UK during Q1, compared to 31,739 in 2013 Q1 - an increase of 7%.


Following a record 2013, with the highest new house building volumes in London for a generation, Q1 2014 London registrations also grew 6% on the comparative period last year.


National House Building Councill also identified how UK cities are performing compared to London. The figures show that Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol are the top three cities with the highest number of new home registrations


Top ten cities outside of London

  • Birmingham 3,406
  • Manchester 2,625
  • Bristol 1,570
  • Newcastle 1,496
  • Liverpool 1,494
  • Sheffield 1,169
  • Leeds 990
  • Nottingham 700
  • Glasgow 618
  • Bradford 560


Our customers continue to choose OBAS because we've stuck with them, through thick and thin and will continue to do so in he future. After all the adversity we've been throuh as an industry over the last few years, it's great news to see the National House Buidling Council reporting such strong growth. It's something we've witnessed first hand at OBAS with our customers' requirements increasing massively.


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