It was all hands on deck in the OBAS carpark this morning as Team OBAS began to fathom out the techniques they'd employ on the good ship OBAS during Sunday's Dragon Boat Racing competition.

Panic stations were sounded before this motley crew started to shake a leg and work together. The loose cannons were quickly whipped into shape to ensure it will be full steam ahead on the day, which will take place this Sunday at Preston Docks.

Having done this before we'll try not to go overboard with the practicing, but you can guarantee the team will get a shot across the bow if they don't put enough practice in!

Although we're practicing in the car park at our Longridge Headquarters, rest assured we'll have our sea legs before the big day and it should be plain sailing. After all, we're not turning up to abandon ship!

By the end of the day it's likely that some of the team will be three sheets to the wind, probably best to give them a wide berth, don't worry though, we'll work out what to do with the drunken sailor.