The Custom and Self Build Scheme (CSB) is a new scheme which aims to empower people in the UK to build their or customise their own home whilst also helping local authorities with land to develop.


The scheme has been established to “de-risk” the process of getting mortgages for self-builds and custom built properties, allowing local authorities to advance the land in their area, attract buyers for land whilst continuing to keep control over the developments until works are completed.


The existing local authority mortgage scheme is the forerunner and foundation for this new scheme, having been successfully used by 100 local authorities. The CSB is being launched by Capita Asset Services and Lloyds Banking Group with aim of helping local authorities meet governmental targets for the Right to Build scheme, with a ‘vanguard’ of 11 local councils who will work with local developers and relaxed planning rules to build more new homes.


Those individuals who wish to use CSB to build their own homes or custom build a home in one of the participating local authority areas will apply for a mortgage and when agreed, the deposit (which can be as low as 5%) will be paid directly to the local authority.


The local authority will pay for the costs of the development, meaning the individual will not have to receive part payments in the same way as they would do for a normal self-build mortgage. The benefit for members of the construction industry is in planning construction scheduling, which won’t be held up by the payments being made by a mortgage company. As soon as the house has been completed, the local authority will be fully repaid and the homeowner will have a normal mortgage on property which has been self-built or customised.


This could be really good news for a variety of different businesses within the construction industry as it aims to free up the backlog and overcome red tape in the planning process, whilst getting the country building more homes


Those companies that become experts in the government's Right to Build agenda and who can leverage it, to educate and benefit their existing and potential customers will undoutedly reap the rewards.


Find out more about the Right to Build Scheme


Find out more about the Custom and Self Build Scheme (CSB)