A reconstruction of a Bronze Age roundhouse will today be re-roofed in what the organisers are calling experimental archaeology.

The reroofing will be carried out by a group of historical re-enactors (we don’t believe any of them are roofers by trade), who will be dressed up and looking the part, whilst using replicated roofing tools from the same time period.

The building is around 20 years-old and was built at Flag Fen near Peterborough using traditional materials, although they did cheat a bit and use tools most modern tradespeople would recognise, this time round they’re going to refurbish with replica tools which include bronze, flint and wooden tools.

The roof itself is made up of wooden beams covered with interwoven lighter wood, on top of which sits a layer of thatched reed with a thicker layer of turf sat on top for extra insulation and you're not going to see an inch of breather membrane, modern insulation or lead flashing on this roof!

It’s anticipated that the re-roofing of the roundhouse will take about a week and we wish them well, but in the event they want some more proven roofing products they just need to give us a call!