In a positive move for the construction industry, a company dedicated to helping organisations such as local authorities, housing associations and homeowners to reduce carbon emissions is planning the regeneration of several former collieries with the development of a portfolio of around 30MW of solar capacity.


Landowner, Harworth Estate has partnered with Anesco to bring forward construction work at their site in Wellbeck with work commencing on other sites in the Nottinghamshire towards the end of the year.


Anesco’s CEO Adrian Pike commented: "Working with landowners to develop sites likes these former collieries fits perfectly with government policy, with the Department of Energy and Climate Change pushing the focus of growth in solar to be on brownfield sites and domestic and industrial roofs.


"These sites are based in the Midlands and north of England, which is important as we believe it is essential that solar developments are made across the UK and not just in the south west."


This should further strengthen the construction industry with moving the project forward undoubtedly having a positive impact. The site at Wellbeck Colliery is around 32acres and will generate carbon savings of around 5 tonnes a year through over 44,000 solar panels which are to be mounted on around 15km of frames producing a combined capacity of 11.2MW.