Since 2013, the market for water-saving products has continued to rapidly increase after plateauing off between 2009 and 2012.

It’s estimated that the market was worth around £164m in 2013 and according to recent report by AMA Research demand has increasingly picked up with new house building and the growth in the economy.

Around 87% of the water-saving plumbing product markets are water efficient bathroom plumbing products whilst water recycling systems only accounted for 13% of the market.

There appears to be increasing understanding and knowledge surrounding these products, especially since all new homes built since 1990 has been fitted with a water metre.

AMA feels there is a significant opportunity for the market to start replacement older inefficient bathroom equipment such as toilets and showers.

AMA forecasts that by 2018 the market value will have grown to around £220m - 35% up on 2013.