A charity called beyondblue has found in a recent survey that construction workers are very likely to say they work in a mentally healthy working environment with agricultural and public administration workers being least likely to work in a mentally healthy environment.


The results have been questioned by many who perceive construction industry workers to be “rough and ready” however the results demonstrated highly regulated industries such as construction demand higher levels of communication and scrutiny by company management which can leave the workforce feeling more cared for.


Whilst this survey was conducted in Australia, it’s likely that the results of the research can be applied to the UK where working conditions and health and safety legislation is comparable.


beyondblue’s chairman, Jeff Kennett said "Employers not only have a health and safety obligation to deliver good mental health in the workplace but also a moral obligation to support their workers who often spend more time at work than anywhere else."


“From a mentally healthy workplace, productivity improvements naturally flow.”


It’s fair to say construction sites are notoriously hard, demanding places to work however they can also be great fun and it’s satisfying to see your hard graft actually delivering something physical at the end of a project.