We’ve been through a bit of a mixed period of late in the construction industry, with some really positive growth rates, which have been followed in places by slower than expected growth often with growth being hindered by structural issues such as short supply of building supplies and construction’s skills crisis.

Research by Scape now indicates that the construction industry is now likely to grow in a sustained manner following the general election, regardless of which party or parties for a government.

Scape, a public procurement body, has analysed previous trends from the past 15 general elections, finding that construction output has always increased in the quarter following a general election since 1955.

In the period following a general election, construction tends to grow on average by around 6% compared to a 4% growth year on year in a non-election period.

Construction is also generally boosted by an increase in property prices following a general election with prices increasing in every election year since 1983. As well as benefiting from the increase in house prices, the number of housing starts also tends to increase by around 18% when compared to the preceding pre-election quarter.

These figures demonstrate the general trends of the post-general election period. With the economy having made it through one of the country’s largest recessionary periods, it’s likely the quarter following the general election could be slightly off trend however we’re certainly likely to see the construction industry bounce back stronger based on historical stats.


Here at OBAS we're already seeing a strong growth in the amount, and breadth, of building supplies we're selling to firms throughout the UK's construction industry.