Construction is one of the most dangerous industries; there are workers who regularly working at height, often using dangerous tools, and regularly operating in locations they are unfamiliar with.

Health and Safety standards in construction have been increasing rapidly, however there are many more businesses that need to work with health and safety in mind, bringing the industry to a level where it’s as safe as it can be.

To get more businesses to take note of Health and Safety issues in the construction industry, The Berkley Group has set up a fund to incentivise people to come up with solutions to the dangers of the construction industry.

The Berkley Innovation Fund has a total of £2 million to give away in the form of grants between £250 and £250,000, with Berkley believing the innovation fund will go some way to making the construction industry safer.

Rob Perrins, Berkeley's Managing Director, said: "The sheer volume of work going on is testing the industry. Companies and staff are running flat out to gear up production and tackle the housing crisis.

“The industry is having to work with less experienced people, in multiple languages, with plant and equipment in high demand. That generates fresh hazards in a business that is inherently risky. Fundamentally, I don't believe this is a problem you can solve directly with money. It demands fresh ideas, which is where this Innovation Fund comes in.”

Berkely hopes that the money will provide the necessary incentive to come up with innovative solutions as the construction industry needs to come up with radical solutions and reduce the unnecessary accidents that are still happening on construction sites throughout the UK.


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