The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced plans to increase spending on cycling infrastructure by £214m.


Clegg is to confirm the spending at the UK’s dedicated cycling summit in Bristol which will be hosted in association with the UK’s former cycling champion Chris Boardman.


The investment will be broken down into £114m to secure the Cycling Ambition Programme for the next 3 years in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich and Oxford. This money will go to accelerating the development of local cycling networks as well as increasing protection for cyclists at junctions and traffic hot spots to prevent cyclist being involved in accidents with other road users.


Britain’s most important and busiest routes will also be targeted with an extra £100m to create improved conditions for both cyclists and walkers alongside the roadways.


Clegg said: “I want to bring cycling down from the Alps and onto British streets.


“I’m committed to helping our dream of becoming a cycling nation, similar to places like Denmark and the Netherlands, become a reality.


“In government, we’re putting the money down: now we need the public and local authorities to jump on their bikes and get us to the finish line.”


Olympic gold medallist Chris Boardman said: “The new funds are fantastic for the 8 cycling cities – giving them more security to plan for the next three years and I thoroughly welcome the announcement.”