The OBAS Group is committed to providing the safest and most secure shopping experience available online. For your reassurance and protection, we use industry leading secure server technology that implements Secure Socket Layering (SSL) to protect your details and assist your shopping experience.

Protecting our users

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to use the Internet, browse websites and place online orders without there being any risk of others gaining access to our information. Unfortunately, as much as we wish it were so, the world is not perfect and Internet users are vulnerable to attacks carried out by hackers; without a robust security solution, data you send may be seen and manipulated by others. Currently, the solution of choice for minimising this potential problem is for websites to allow their users to use Secure Connections to browse the Internet.
Secure Connections, achieved through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol used to create a uniquely encrypted channel to facilitate communication between a web server (e.g. Yahoo) and a web browser (end user).

Password security

We also utilise 3D secure password verification which is a free fraud prevention service that helps guard against unauthorised use of your credit cards on the Internet. Every transaction requires entry of your personal password which helps to protect you from unauthorised use when shopping online as only you know the password you have chosen.3D Secure is a bit like Chip and PIN for the Internet. When you register, you set a 3D Secure Password that you keep secret, and then when you buy goods or services at any one of the 300,000+ participating retailers, you’re prompted for your 3D Secure Password to verify that the card is yours and that the purchase can go ahead.

This system gives you additional peace of mind, because once you’ve registered, if someone attempts to use your card fraudulently at any of these retailers, they won’t be able to do it without your 3D Secure Password. In the unlikely event of fraudulent use of your credit card, you must notify your card issuer and OBAS Group as soon as you become aware of any unauthorised activity.