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In the ten years since its formation, OBAS UK has earned a reputation for delivering excellence in the construction supplies industry. We're a family run business, well known for providing quality products at competitive prices and our customer services team offer one of the most comprehensive support packages available.

OBAS UK represents the very core of our business; built upon supplying the very best products and materials to the plumbing, building and decorating industries. We are rightly proud of the role the division has played in the overall success of the group and believe it has an integral part to play in our future business aspirations. These are all reasons why the division remains at the heart of the group and why we have built a customer base in excess of 26,000 throughout the UK and Ireland.

Following extensive capital investment in January 2008 and the acquisition of four new companies into the division, our management team quickly set about building upon the intrinsic skills, knowledge and experience of the existing workforce. The gradual implementation of finely tuned systems, policies and procedures helped to improve the organisational environment within the firm and allowed for a greater level of efficiency and professionalism. The resulting increase in sales volumes has meant we are able to maintain our competitiveness within the market and offer our clients real value with unprecedented levels of service.

We have expanded our product range considerably with many new suppliers formalizing and cementing relationships that were previously unattainable. Our brand development scheme has transformed existing product lines and helped create improved customer loyalty towards the Group; facilitating the delivery of excellence during all parts of the sales and delivery process. Our registered trademarks meanwhile, ensure all our products and services are correctly sourced and produced within the confines of industry guidelines to the specifications of our clients.

With this focus upon improved product availability and consistency, many clients now enjoy the level of efficiency and customer service they deserve. We want to further improve these levels of service in the years ahead and raise expectations within our selected industries by challenging traditional attitudes. To that end, OBAS UK is likely to remain at the very centre of the OBAS Group, providing a blueprint for professionalism and excellence for the other areas of our business and reinforcing the strength and continuity of the OBAS brand.

You can contact us via the website or by contacting our customer service department on 01772 786000.