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Management Team

  • Norman Tenray
    Norman Tenray


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    A multi-award winning businessman, Norman Tenray has a wealth of positive characteristics that make him a joy to work with; he’s an experienced, highly motivated and charismatic individual with an infectious enthusiasm that adds real warmth to the working environment. Norman has a proven ability to quickly adapt and take stock of a situation to formulate strategies and vision. With a broad spectrum of skills and experience gained throughout his career, Norman has an exceptional technical and analytical ability as a result of over 29 years of experience within the IT, design, repro, media and print industries. When it comes to his time with OBAS, he has revolutionised the company by bringing a variety of both proven and innovative professional practices, a fresh approach and an incredible attention to detail in regards to systems, procedures and policies – all qualities that have gained him extensive admiration and respect from colleagues, associates and customers alike.
    During his business life, Norman has provided consultancy and services across Europe and has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients to include many large conglomerates and Blue Chip companies. He has extensive experience in start-ups, acquisitions, mergers, restructuring and running companies, all of which have been invaluable in navigating OBAS through the current financial climate. Norman’s present appointments include being a director and President of the North and West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, a member of the North West Bank of England Advisory Committee, Chair of the NWLCC Remuneration Committee, chair of the Lancashire Business Finance Forum, a member of the Longridge Town Development Committee, an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lancaster University and a mentor to a variety of businesses and educational establishments within the Northwest.

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  • Michele Tenray


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    A real ‘people person’ and a hugely valued asset to the team, Michele brings both warmth and professionalism to the Group Michele is both a credible and incredible business woman, highly respected by her peers, associates and staff. Her engaging and friendly personality commands a presence while being personable and unobtrusive, and her warmth allows her to unite and integrate with people from all walks of life.

    Michele has spent her career working within the fitness and property industries, developing a formidable range of skills in the process. As a mother bringing up two children she managed to integrate her career with motherhood, successfully building an extraordinary profile – and is rightly proud of her two boys who are now both working in senior positions, running successful businesses in their own right!

    Educated to degree level and a qualified teacher, Michele brings a wide range of talents and expertise, along with a balancing, female perspective to the management team. Her insight and leadership are highly valued.
    An incredible asset and a hard worker, Michele fits in with ease wherever and whoever she’s working with across the company. She also has a reputation for being mischievous and is often suspected of being behind any prank! This is one of her most endearing traits, as she brings a real sense of fun and humanity to the company.

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  • Nick Stanford


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    A real ‘ideas man’ and gifted when it comes to strategic thinking, Nick has fitted in extremely well with the management team in both a professional and personal sense. He brings a wealth of experience to the company which has helped to build the effectiveness, service standards and overall success of the sales department, both internally and externally.
    The benefits that Nick brings to the OBAS Group includes an ability to identify where improvements can be made – a skill he honed in his previous role within a national estate agency group. While working there, this talent was noted and soon put to use, with the management sending him to a variety of branch offices where improvement was required – Nick would rise to the challenge every time, reviewing and fixing every aspect of their sales processes to substantially increase performance levels.
    Nick combines a professional attitude with a friendly approach, gaining respect from the sales force naturally, without needing to demand it. While he is clearly a leader, he’s more than capable of getting proactively involved with and building confidence in his team and his hands on approach with all aspects of the sales and negotiations process has proved to be an invaluable asset to the Group. Working closely with both the management and workforce, Nick is quick to offer support and muck in, and is often seen helping in every area of the business – this proactive approach further adds to the respect he garners from everyone he comes into contact with.

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  • Ian Meall

    Purchasing Director

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    Ian’s contributions to the OBAS Group, clients and suppliers have recently earned him a place on the Board of Directors

    Ian has worked in the industry for over 20 years, gaining a huge amount of valuable experience along the way. His work across a variety of different positions, including sales, technical and purchasing has helped him to develop extensive product knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the industry as a whole.

    Ian works with his team in the sales room, which is where he can best lend his expertise and assist on any matter as and when required. By staying close to the sales centre of the company, he’s always on hand to provide product knowledge, pricing and logistic support. Highly respected by manufacturers and suppliers within the UK, Ian has invested a great deal of time and effort in evolving and developing these relationships, helping the management team to build an enviable reputation, while also securing products and opportunities for the benefit of clients.
    As a result of his commitment, enthusiasm, knowledge and respect within the company, Ian was promoted to the Board of Directors in November 2011.

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Our management team is made up of a dynamic group of individuals who have combined their skills, knowledge and experience to build an impressive and formidable management structure. We’re lucky to have such a dynamic and proactive team, because they make the OBAS Group something to be truly proud of.

Since the OBAS Group was formed in 2008, under the leadership of CEO, Norman Tenray, the management team has built an impressive track record. They have set themselves apart from our competitors by building strength and continuity throughout all levels of the business and by working collectively to achieve the objectives and aspirations of the company. Coming from a diversity of backgrounds, they have offered their individual strengths and have integrated their specialist skills, experience and knowledge to ensure that the business, its workforce, clients and suppliers consistently receive the highest levels of professionalism and service.

A strong structure and clear communications

In order to get the very best from each of the Group’s major contributors, we’ve installed a dynamic structure within the business with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. We utilise a two way communication protocol which allows information to flow freely both downward and upward – this enables the management to quickly react to every business issue and stay informed and in touch with all relevant information.

Every week, a meeting is held to give everyone an opportunity to discuss current matters and all of the different elements that make up the business overall; these meetings are highly valued, offering a cohesive and united approach to running and managing the company. However, we’re often able to resolve issues on a daily basis, with every manager being acutely aware of the groups’ direction, status and objectives.

"If you enjoy what you do and who you interact with then you will never work another day in your life"…

Ongoing investment

We regularly invest in our workforce at all levels, and the management are no exception; we believe that it’s essential for them to continue to participate in training and development programs to help them develop further as individuals and professionals. As such, the management team commands an unprecedented level of trust and respect; this has been maintained within our whole staffing structure and as a result, there is common ground between all members of our group, no matter what their position.

A business should be about people, and members of the management team have an ongoing responsibility to improve and evolve in order to ensure that they maintain the ability to lead the workforce towards achieving the company goals and aspirations. They should have an equal opportunity to contribute and share their thoughts on a platform conducive to freedom of expression and valuable input. Only through this collective and progressive approach can they empower themselves and the workforce to make the most of opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Such is the reputation of the management team here at the OBAS Group that they’re often consulted by the local business community and educational establishments for guidance and support.